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Tuesday, 25 October 2005 19:00

The Plastic People

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I look at each of them
Each one around me
Standing sitting working driving
Eyes open
Going about their daily activities
I never thought about it before
But today
In a moment of clarity
I see through the camouflage
And they're plastic
Alive but not really there
Conscious but not completely
Some teeter on the edge of awareness
In a dream and thinking
But unaware of the dream
Last night
I left my body
And took a stroll around my house
Nothing complicated
No transcendental experience

No communion with God
Just walked down the hall
Petted the cat
And walked through
The front door
Without opening it
Now today I can't see everyone
The way I did before
I sit on the floor
In my own plastic body
Trapped for the moment
The clarity comes and goes
And I even forget
And go back into the dream
But now I know
And knowing means
I can't forget
Just temporarily
As I get swept up in life
On the physical plane


A few days before writing, "The Plastic People," I fell asleep on the couch reading Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness. When I woke up around 3am, I realized it was about the right time of night to attempt projection. I went to bed, and laid on my back, hands at my side.

Each time I would completely relax, I would start to feel myself hit the in between state, but then either another cat would jump on me or I would be jarred by my wife. Somewhere in here, I thought about how we have a fortunate circumstance where the bed is pointed North and I tried to visualize that helping me out.  I finally got frustrated and rolled over on my right side.  It may have been here where I thought about my head being North.

But then I thought I might as well relax one more time and I dropped right into a weak lucid dream. I thought I was out of body at first, but if I was then it wasn't here at the house. As I fell through the darkness, I came upright, and outside. Things were very dark and I was having trouble maintaining focus.

I traveled around the back of the house towards some trees and a small fenced area that could have been the fence around a dumpster. I also have the impression of a few people and an old Firebird, the kind with the 80's flaming bird. However, everything was only half there, and none of it was actually in my yard. Seth had said to just explore your own house at first so you get comfortable being out of body. Instead of doing that, I was in some sort of dream world.  I realized that this wasn't what I wanted and snapped back, either to my body or just awake, but with my eyes still closed.

I tried to project again, and this time, I got it. I was out and standing in our bedroom. It seemed very real with no distortions. I didn't look back at the bed, unfortunately.  I drifted down the hallway up to the place where a blue LED night light is plugged in.  Bailey, our cat, was there and he could see me and he wasn't sure if he should be afraid or not.  I came down right to the floor and petted him, which seemed to calm his nerves.

Then, I went out into the living room and went right up to the front door. I pushed up against it, trying to ease right through it. I stopped with the door halfway though me, and I remember some sort of sparkling effect.

I believe this is where I snapped back to my body and opened my eyes.  I think I went back into some sort of dream state after this, but I can't remember what happened. I may have returned to the place with the people and the Firebird.

I spent a great deal of the time over the next few days thinking about what had happened.  For years, I've wanted to have an OOBE, but have had limited success.  This was so simple and so real.  My thoughts weren't a debate about the validity of the experience – I was sure it had really happened.  Instead, I was struck by what it had further proved to me, that we are non-physical beings inhabiting a physical body, playing out our roles in life.

All I could think about was the way that being back in my body felt something like being back in your clothes after being naked.  I felt like I was just plastic and so was everyone else around me, but the difference was that I knew it and they didn't. This realization made it difficult to concentrate for many days, but the feeling faded with time.  That feeling and conflict led me to write this poem.

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