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Saturday, 26 October 1996 19:00

Endless Vistas of Exploding Frogs

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Endless vistas of exploding frogs
Spreading through the darkened corners
Consuming night and convoluting
My mind's awareness of the physical

My gentle drifting off to sleep
Becomes a rush of vivid color
Unveils a landscape dark and red
Maybe a dream, perhaps a vision


A large black wolf slithers up to me
His eyes betraying evil sentience
To his humor, he lowly rumbles
"I know how it all comes out"

His hot breath penetrates my soul
I wonder at his words and he says
"I'm from a place lacking time
Where all existence is at once

"I'm a messenger from the realm
From before life and after death
I know who dies and when and why
I've seen the pains of your whole life

"When passing through your dreaming lands
Where in one you find me lurking
Standing, glaring with my sneering smirk
Then brace your heart, a death is near

"I'm just a player in the endless vista
A vital member of life's game
I should not be a creature feared
I mark the path that takes you home"

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