Friday, April 16, 2021

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Jay Vercellotti

Jay Vercellotti

Thursday, 01 November 2012 16:23

Soul Traveler by Albert Taylor

In Soul Traveler, Taylor details his Out of Body Experiences starting from their birth. Written in a journal format, the book shows the progression of his experiences and illustrates Taylor's process of overcoming his fears.  The OOBEs teach him that fear itself is the barrier. At a little over 100 pages (in paperback,) the book reads quickly and is a real page-turner.

Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond

Thursday, 01 November 2012 05:35

In the Present

You can only affect anything in the world IN THE PRESENT.  You can't do it from the past and you can't do it from the future.  You only have NOW.

Saturday, 04 March 1995 00:00


Glazing the surface,
just out of reach,
yet pulling from the core.
Dimensions touching lightly
into me...
yield tiny scraps.
At the tip of consciousness by day,
it pulls me away at night
to allow a visit there.
Fourth hour roamings
free of gravity's pull
mutter blurry stories.
Memories shatter
and dismember
by returning to reality.
Something surrounds us
that most cannot see,
holding existence in all its forms.
Knowledge lives
just out of reach
yet pulling from the core.

Tuesday, 02 March 2004 00:00

To Sarah

We are threads woven in an infinite fabric
That stretches into eternity in all directions
The strands are without beginning and without end
Our paths cross unnumbered other threads
Others run parallel with us and never intersect
Each of us is connected to the others
All are one within this tapestry of existence
Yours is the thread next to mine
You are there, by my side, transcending time

Monday, 11 September 2006 00:00


We move through infinite decisions
Choosing fork after fork in the road
As the paths diverge
They also cross
The wrong path can still lead
To the best path
If intuition is allowed to correct the course
All paths are acceptable
But some encounter resistance
The further down the path you go
The more obstacles will arise
A thickening air will slow your progress
As intuition screams
To turn the other way
But some are deaf to that voice
While others hear but do not listen
Still others trust that internal urging
They want to pick the right path
And even know what that road looks like
But they are lost without a map
With each passing day they will
Feel the increasing drag
While the results of all past decisions
Eat away at their soul
Yet hope is kept alive
That the next choice
Might be THE choice
That starts them moving back
Towards their destiny
And they will know it when they feel it
That perfect click and satisfaction gained
As the puzzle piece interlocks and snaps into place
Doors will open and hurdles will fall away
When they realize that resistance
Is not a force we encounter
But one we hold tightly to ourselves
Release dissolves resistance
And forwards us to the right path
Each soul must find this perfect harmony
For the greater good of all

Monday, 27 February 1995 00:00


I am here
knowing you as you know me
I pull at you and infiltrate you
One ounce or twelve, it is all the same.
I calm the burn, the desire, the frustration of
Let me take you away
Smoothly with a taste of angels.
Let me be your endless vista
Numbness flows in apathy's river.
Why feel it?
I'm the enchanted land of childhood
Lands of your control and others of torture.
That swirl of mind
That chaos of consciousness
Coming together

You are the voice
calling my name
telling me things I shouldn't hear
about trains, liquor, and laziness
I know you are there
Daily invasions mark your method
You ask so much
And give so little
Why are you there
Stop tormenting me
You ask so much
Knowledge of true reality grips me
Unlike other people
Other voices speak truth
I only hope that I listen to them
before I listen to you.

Monday, 14 November 2005 00:00


I’m in a strange place
But I don’t know it
Because I know my way around.
I’m walking down a road
Then running.
I can run for 3 or 4 miles
At an athletic pace.
Later I will ask myself,
“Where is this place
That I know so well?”
Because I’ve never been there.
But right now I can feel the wind
Blowing past
And the ground contacting my feet.
I don’t try to understand
How I got here
It’s just a natural place
For me to be
Right now.
Suddenly I am ripped from this place
And it dissolves before my eyes.
Even my eyes vanish
And the wind and my feet.
And I realize I’ve been dreaming
Of one of those familiar places
That I can only visit
In the dream world.

Monday, 14 November 2005 00:00


A creative force is engaging me.
There may be a psychic force, too
But it is one step back.
While learning to draw
After some struggling
I felt a click.
It was just a small shift
Like a tooth falling into a notch
While shading a cat’s face.
The project began
When I opened a book about
How to draw cats.
The drawing began as the book showed
But then I started shading it
To look like Max
While working on his right cheek
That force took over
And guided the pencil to
Just the right places.
Other changes are occurring
I’m writing more, for one
Take this for example.
I’ve been framing
My best pictures
Choosing the right mats
And the right frames
I’ve never purposely
Matted a picture before
But I know when I’ve
Gotten it right
Because I feel that click.
When I’m on the couch
With my eyes closed
Searching for an altered state
I can feel myself searching
For that slight dip in the road
Like a safecracker listening
For metal tapping metal.
The closest I get is
A fleeting image
But sometimes there’s more
Entire scenes open up
Under my eyelids
But as soon as I realize it
They are gone
And forgotten.
Then I get up so
I can move on to another project.
Because this creative force
Will not let me rest.

Monday, 27 February 1995 00:00


Burning desires roar within.
Will success and love be found?
Immediate wants lurk infinitely driving
Eating the silence of me
Sleep's majesty absorbed with open eyes
into oblivion
The curse of the firstborn....
Pursuit of the parchment yields confusion
and hardship
While the answer lies in dusty corners
Covered by tradition and blindness.
It screams my name
begs my presence
demands inner attention
and pulls at the depths of being
Only a father's wishes could keep someone
against it
The voice is right and it has won
Change sneers on the horizon...
an evil grin
and after only four years.
In May my adventure ends
and begins.

Saturday, 12 November 2005 00:00

Dark Vision

I close my eyes
And I see darkness
At first.
But within that void
There’s an onslaught
Of shapes, images, lights,
And other worlds.
A dark shape
Wearing a fedora
Approaches on the lower left.
A black shape surrounded in blackness
But highlighted by a golden shimmer.
He stays there for several moments
And I wonder if he has a message for me
But he just stands there, faceless.
Words appear on a page
That I cannot read.
They taunt me
Seeming almost readable
But slipping from my grasp.
An infinitely small point
A small speck of nothing
Hurtles toward me
Until I recognize it as a number
Whose meaning I cannot guess.
It grows in size until
It’s as large as my head
Then passes through me.
Glowing lights roll past
Yet they pause to look
Back at me
As they wonder what I am.
Perhaps in their reality
I am just a random image, thought, or sound.
Maybe I’m as incomprehensible to them
As they are to me
But they are real
And I know I’ll see them again.
When I close my eyes
We’ll stop to gaze at each other
And wonder.

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