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Thursday, 01 November 2012 16:24

The Seth Material by Jane Roberts

In my metaphysical reading, it seems inevitable that I would come across Seth.  The Seth Material wasn't the first Seth book I read and in fact I'd been working on Seth books for probably two years before I got down to this one.  However, this would have been a much better place to start. The Seth books contain an enormously vast amount of information and they take some mental digestion to comprehend. Seth meant for the material to be taken in order, I think, because every page builds on the last.

My favorite quote from the book is probably this one:

"We form matter in order to operate in three-dimensional reality, develop our abilities and help others.  Physical matter is like plastic that we use and mold to our own desire, not like concrete into which our consciousness has been poured."

I froze in my tracks when I read this, because I wrote my poem, The Plastic People two weeks PRIOR to reading this passage.  There are some quotes that are probably better, but that one really meant something to me.

The Seth Material: The Spiritual Teacher that Launched the New Age

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Monday, 14 November 2005 00:00


A creative force is engaging me.
There may be a psychic force, too
But it is one step back.
While learning to draw
After some struggling
I felt a click.
It was just a small shift
Like a tooth falling into a notch
While shading a cat’s face.
The project began
When I opened a book about
How to draw cats.
The drawing began as the book showed
But then I started shading it
To look like Max
While working on his right cheek
That force took over
And guided the pencil to
Just the right places.
Other changes are occurring
I’m writing more, for one
Take this for example.
I’ve been framing
My best pictures
Choosing the right mats
And the right frames
I’ve never purposely
Matted a picture before
But I know when I’ve
Gotten it right
Because I feel that click.
When I’m on the couch
With my eyes closed
Searching for an altered state
I can feel myself searching
For that slight dip in the road
Like a safecracker listening
For metal tapping metal.
The closest I get is
A fleeting image
But sometimes there’s more
Entire scenes open up
Under my eyelids
But as soon as I realize it
They are gone
And forgotten.
Then I get up so
I can move on to another project.
Because this creative force
Will not let me rest.

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