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Spread Your Light to Others

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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 06:08

Positive Facebook Comments Featured

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Have you ever noticed that some people only post negative comments or links to bad news on Facebook?  Are you one of those people? 
When I see someone post a complaint on Facebook, my heart sinks just a little.  I think how it probably makes everyone on their friend list feel a bit worse and I wonder if they could have found a way to put a positive spin on it.  Sometimes the old rule, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything" seems like the way to go, too.
For instance, let's say that someone just had a cat go to the vet for surgery.  I know people who would have posted a message like, "It cost over 400 $%#$%!! dollars to get some stupid lump removed from my cat.  She probably has cancer and it's just a waste of money!  Argh!"  OK, I bet you know some people like that, because I'm sure I do. 
So people who read their post feel bad for them, probably feel bad for the cat, think about cancer, think about not having enough money, and might think of the person as a complainer or a "negative Nancy." 
I would suggest turning it around or just not posting anything.  I think in this case, the message would be better if it were, "Here's a picture of our kitty with a cone on her head after surgery.  We keep trying not to laugh at her.  She is now accepting prayers for a speedy recovery."
OK, yes, we just took a cat to the vet to get a lump removed and I haven't posted anything to FB about it, but I considered posting the above statement.  And we have been trying not to laugh at her because it is sad and funny at the same time when she tries to clean herself and ends up licking the inside of the cone.
Then I also see people posting links to bad news about murders, child molesters, scams, how terrible the economy is, etc.  To me, it seems like that takes away from the world.  To those people, I think they are trying to warn people, or get people angry about the situation so that they might change it. In their mind, they believe they are doing a public service. The problem is that when we focus on "what is" we can only get more of "what is" or when we complain we get more of what we complain about.

Facebook can be used as a vehicle to spread light in the world.  I challenge everyone to find positive things to post.  Maybe you saw some kindness at the store, or something good happened at work, or you could post what you are grateful for.  Every time you post something positive and all your friends read it, they will feel a little better.


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